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Our Time

It’s been years since Misha and Stone last shared an intimate moment. They went their separate ways. Even so, when the impossible happened, reuniting them; time and distance hadn’t dulled the edge. A simmering flame rekindled an old attraction.…available at

I Remeber When

When Stephan Porter boarded a routine flight to Atlanta; his mind had been preoccupied with nothing more than his new client. However, a chance meeting led him down a path he would have never imagined.…available at

The Senator's Choice

Senator William Hudson’s popularity has made him a favorite at home and in Washington. With so many opportunities, it’s no wonder he barely has time to spend with his family. Yet, when tragedy strikes without warning, William is forced to come to terms with his loss.…available at

Marriage by Proxy

Carolyn believed that she had it all. She was a beautiful, successful, black Attorney in Birmingham, Michigan. With her law practice thriving the only thing that was missing was a husband. As a last resort, she enlisted the aid of her match making friend, Russian born Alexandra Ivan..…available at


In the wee hours of the morning, like every person living in her exclusive gated community, Ronda Winters was jolted out of her sleep. Her first concern had been for the safety of her daughter. One of many challenges. Stressed beyond her limits, she finds herself living through a nightmare clearly beyond the scope of her imagination..…available at

Sasha Combs

Taming Precious Sinclair

Rich...absolutely. Headstrong and brilliant...just like her daddy. Beautiful...undeniable. Marriage material...debatable. And that’s the problem. Well, it isn’t a problem for Precious because she has the bod and the brains to do whatever she wants..…available at

untold Lovers

Untold Lovers: Not much is said when older men date or marry much younger women. These men are labeled silver foxes and mature studs. But let’s turn the tables, matching a slightly older woman with a somewhat younger handsome man; in this instance, the woman is called a cougar, or a cradle robber.…available at

Laced Impulse

Laced Impulse: Former Federal agent, Bianca Milton is the newest member of a secret intelligence organization, known as The Agency. These agents travel the globe, but intelligence work isn’t Bianca’s only interest. From the first time her eyes caught sight of him, she was moonstruck.…available at

Lori Turner Book Shelf

Book 1: Lovers Series

Three families with seemingly nothing in common find themselves intertwined after a series of events test their limits and these incidents are too close to be mere coincidences. A murder, an accident, and a budding romance that is viewed as a taboo subject.…available at

Book 2: Lovers Series

Without question, Rachel Hayward is a romantic. Smart, intelligent, easy to befriend; she’s one of those girls whose beauty is like the sweet taste of icing topping a mouth watering cake. But to those who know her, she’s more than just a beautiful woman and her allure unexpectedly catches one man’s eye--Caleb Zelle.…available at

Book 3: Lovers Series

Book three picks up the story a few days into the new year. We find our lovers settled, preparing for their futures. They have braved the angst. Struggled with heartaches--overcame rejections. Yet, given these obstacles, their passions blossom, more beautiful than rosebuds. Against all odds, the double wedding is fast approaching…available at

The Huffing Report

When Leif Huffing nearly trips over a package wedged beneath a floor mat; there’s only one prevailing thought that occupies his mind and it doesn’t involve…available at

Taken by Choice

When Zane Holloway seeks help from his best friend Tori, he is crazed with worry, desperate to find the mother of his children. While he assumes the role of amateur sleuth, Zane travels outside of the country, leaving his twins in the care of Tori…available at

Love, Secrets & Seattle

Mercedes thought that she had a picture perfect life, until she met Leland. In every sense of the word, he completed her, and their relationship was love at first sight. But would their love endure secrets from the past, present and their future? Love, Secrets and Seattle is a heartwarming story with a romantic ending.…available at

Lori Turner

For the Love of Zoe

When the Dawson and Galiger families learn about the death of Allysa and Dillon, their wayward kin; their hearts are overcome by grief. Candice Dawson wants to adopt her niece but she will have to deal with the paternal grandparents because they too want to be granted legal guardianship.…available at

In the Lives of Powerful Men

Petra Gordon is determined to maintain balance in her busy life. This isn’t very easy due to her line of work. Encountering seductive men is a bit of a distraction as well as a tempting perk. This unavoidable appeal is a part of her job. As a Pubic Relations Representative for her fathers firm, she skillfully oversees the public images of influential men. While doing this, Petra is forced to confront her growing feelings for these clients. Seduced by the lures of her job…available at


Malfeasant Book 2--The year is 2313.  I am a Mainland Ward and I serve the United Earth Federation.  Since arriving at the Service Academy Coastal Region, three things have ruled my life.  Reproduction Service.  Mastery.  Citizenship. I've tried to conform.  I've tried to be the way they are.  Behave the way they do. However, I continue to fall short and I've made some major mistakes along the way. I have been told to forget those mistakes and move on with my Service. But my dreams haunt me…available at

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